Resources for Patients Traveling for Surgery

Dr. Chalmers frequently operates on patients who travel from outside of Salt Lake City for surgery. Our team will do our best to facilitate patients traveling for surgery. We offer virtual visits for follow-up and will do our best to coordinate imaging review for x-rays and MRIs obtained outside of the University of Utah. An in-person visit is always recommended before a surgical procedure, so that you can meet Dr. Chalmers, he can examine your shoulder or elbow, and we can agree upon a plan face to face. The Salt Lake City airport is a 25 minute drive from the University Orthopaedic Center. The Research Park Marriott Hotel is located less than mile from the University Orthopaedic Center ( ). Most patients undergoing shoulder surgery can travel the day following surgery. For plane flights following surgery, Dr. Chalmers recommends that patients get up frequently to avoid blood clots. Traveling in a sling can be stressful and Dr. Chalmers recommends that extra time be allotted for passing through security, traversing the airport, and boarding the plane after surgery. Please do not hesitate to contact our team and we can help to provide recommendations to ease the burden of traveling for a surgery.

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