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Rotator Cuff Repair - Large Tear

Home Exercise Program after Rotator Cuff Repair for a Large Tear

Most patients using a home exercise program should perform their exercises 3-4 times per day, performing three sets of ten repetitions.

Passive Forward Flexion Exercise - "Sink Stretch"

Passive Forward Flexion Exercise

While standing straight up, hook the hand of your operative arm on a sink that is roughly at waist level. Then, using the weight of your body and keeping th hand hooked on the sink edge, slowly back away from the sink so that there is more and more space between the arm and the body. Perform this process while facing the sink. As you continue backing away, slowly lean forward so that the hand remains hooked around the sink. During this process, the arm should be completely relaxed like a wet noodle. Do not use the muscles of the arm, use the muscles of the rest of the body to move the arm passively. Repeat this process, creating more and more space between the body and the arm until the arm is parallel with the body and next to the head.

External rotation

External rotation

Pick the one that works best for you:

1. Stand in a doorway facing the doorframe with your hand hooked around the doorframe. Slowly turn your body to rotate the forearm outward. Keep your elbow at your side and your shoulders square.

2. You can also perform this stretch using a cane, meter stick, golf club, or baseball bat. Use the non-stiff shoulder to rotate the stiff shoulder outward. Keep your elbow at your side. Performing this exercise while laying down can be helpful.

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